Welcome to my world…I’m obsessed with cooking for my family and friends. I try to experiment when I can, but I truly just like to keep things simple.  But just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean it’s easy.  Just like all things in life, you gotta add the love.  I take the time and try to do it right.

So, come and join me in a culinary journey…nothing super fancy, just home cooked; made with love.


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  1. Courtney Martin says:

    My daughter and I made the pan fried dumplings tonight. They were super easy to make and were delicious!! Plus we had a great time cooking together!

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  2. lmifflet says:

    Made your pork chops for supper last week (not the first time, either). My husband doesn’t usually like “fried” pork chops; says they are too dry, but these are yummy.

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  3. Kelley says:

    I made the pan fried dumplings and the Chinese BBQ pork tenderloin last night and they were DELICIOUS!!! Both were pretty easy to make with minimal mess. I served them with sticky rice and broccoli.

    We have always loved ordering Chinese BBQ pork when eating out, but after making it at home so easily, and it tasting by far better and way more tender, I will only be eating it at home from now on.

    My husband is a fanatic for potstickers, and these homemade pan fried dumplings were so much better than any we have had. He was even amazed at how delicious the whole meal turned out.

    Thank you for such amazing recipes!

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  4. Jenn says:

    I made the Chinese BBQ last night. I did make some substitutions. I added a tablespoon of Chinese 5 spice powder and omitted the cilantro in order to avoid the grocery trip for one item. 😉 After putting the roast in the oven I boiled the leftover marinade for a bit, strained it and used it to glaze the tenderloin towards the end of cooking. My daughter came home, “It smells yummy in here!” It’s high praise indeed. Tonight the leftover pork is going into some fried rice. 🙂

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